Synthetic Isotropic Turbulence Generator

Welcome to the University of Utah’s synthetic turbulence generator and tools. To run the turbulence generator go to the Generator link in the top menu of this website.

Generating synthetic turbulence has many practical applications including:

  • A priori and a posteriori evaluation of turbulence models
  • Stochastic inlet boundary conditions
  • Noise generation modeling
  • Verification and validation of LES and DNS codes
  • Academic applications in fluids, Turbulence, and LES classes

Data generated by the Utah Turbulence Generator has been used to validate large-scale LES codes at the University of Utah (Wasatch, Arches, and ICE). In addition, Dr. Rob Stoll uses some of its data in his LES class in the Mechanical Engineering department.

To reference this generator, please cite the following papers:

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If you use this generator in any of your work, we’d like to hear from you on how you are using it along with any suggestions.