Data Sets

On this page, you will find a few pre-computed, high-quality data sets for large cases. These were all generated with a number of modes $m = 10,000$ in both ASCII and binary formats.

CBC Spectrum

von Karman Pao Spectrum

E(\kappa) = \alpha \frac{u’^2}{\kappa_\text{e}}\frac{ (\kappa/\kappa_\text{e})^4 }{\left[ 1 + (\kappa/\kappa_\text{e}) \right]^{17/6}}\exp{\left[ -2 \left(\frac{\kappa}{\kappa_\eta}\right)^2 \right]}

$\alpha \approx 1.453$, $\epsilon \approx u’^3 / L$ with $u’ = 0.25$, $L \approx 0.746834/\kappa_\text{e}$, and $\kappa_\text{e} = 40$

Data Layout

Data is laid out in a flat pattern starting with the x, then y, and then z directions. The ASCII file looks like this:

nx ny nz

where value0 corresponds to $(i,j,k) = (1, 0, 0)$, etc…

The Binary files contain the same layout except for the first two (descriptive) lines